Sales Assessment 


Sales Assessment

What Traits are you Hiring for in a Credit Union Sales Position?

Who better to answer this question than CU Lending Advice?  We have coached and trained sales teams across the country for over a decade.  Arguably, we are the experts in developing a sales culture that is specific to a credit union environment.  You can benefit from that experience.

We have benchmarked the common personality traits among the top-performing sales officers from our clients.  We define top-performing as:

  • Longevity – In the position for over 1 year
  • Consistency – Our control group is comprised of performers that consistently produce $1M per month of consumer loans
  • Diverse – The control group consists of employees from different areas of the country, different asset sizes (small to large), different core systems/LOS, men and women

 Our control group has some common characteristics.  The strongest traits among the control group are:

  • Confident – Having a secure sense of one’s own worth
  • Leader – Functions best when directing others (don’t confuse this with management competency, this is about directing)
  • Competitive – Driven by a desire to outdo others
  • Aggressive – Forcefully pursuing a goal
  • Outgoing – Thrives on interacting with others.

 The Tool

After a lot of research, we have landed on using the Traitify® methodology for our clients.  This 2-minute visual assessment is highly predictive of personality type and traits and evaluates the applicant on 56 different personality traits- SCIENCE!

We then compare your applicant’s personality assessment against top-performers to see where their personalities overlap.  You can learn more about Traitify® here.

Many of our clients have used this valuable tool as part of the interview and screening process when hiring Sales positions at their credit union.  

This small investment in pre-screening your applicants can save you thousands of dollars in time and training expense by hiring the wrong person for the job.  

To purchase a single $25 assessment click here. 

To purchase a pack of five assessments for $100 click here

If you are interested in purchasing a lot of assessments or working directly with Traitify to help staff your credit union please contact their sales department directly here.


Fulfillment – After purchasing the assessment, you will receive an email with a code for your candidate to use on the site

Your candidate will receive an email with subject line: “Your Traitify Results CU Lending Advice”.  The candidate will click to view results to see their profile.  Have your candidate print the results as .pdf and email them to you. We keep a copy on file and can send you a copy, but the quickest way to get results is to have the candidate send them directly to you.