Join industry leaders Brett Christensen and Don Arkell for this intense three day Consumer Lending and Sales training. This lending training will increase productivity, reduce loan losses and help your credit union grow a profitable portfolio.

For over 15 years, CU Lending Advice has been the leader in credit union consumer lending and sales training. This course is designed for loan officers, sales representatives, centralized underwriters, member service representatives  and all lending managers looking to build or refresh their lending expertise. 

This entertaining and educational course will cover lending’s critical essentials and best practices for lending success including the following topics & more:

  • What must happen in every loan interview
  • Gain more of your member’s business
  • Follow the guidelines for secured and unsecured lending
  • Teach FICO scores to members, including how to improve them
  • Spot three bankruptcy predictors and how to deal with them
  • Responsibly underwrite high-risk loans
  • Break out of the Lending Boxes that Bind You
  • Appropriate Collateral
  • Underwriting Traps
  • Real Risk Factors
  • Selling value in a competitive landscape
  • Sell more ancillary products
  • What your Credit Union Must do to Gain More of Your Member’s Business
  • Breaking Out of the Lending Boxes that Bind You
  • Reasons to Make Higher-Risk Loans
  • Mandatory Steps to be Successful with Higher-Risk Lending
  • Lending is an Attitude!
  • Four Things you Must Accomplish with Every Consumer Loan Interview
  • The Importance of Building Relationships with Members
  • Selling value in a competitive landscape
  • How to Write Good Application Notes
  • How to Build Performing Higher-Risk Loans During the Interview
  • Tips for Making Outbound Sales Calls
  • Learning how to Sell more Ancillary Insurance Products
  • The Firm Close
  • How to Best Communicate Loan Denials
  • A Full Understanding of FICO Scores
  • Recent Changes to the FICO Score
  • Teaching FICO scores to members, including how to improve them
  • Six Underwriting Approaches Needed to Maximize Lending
  • Recognizing the three bankruptcy predictors and how to deal with them
  • Secured and Unsecured Debt Ratio Analysis
  • Loan-to-Value Analysis
  • Lending to Young Borrowers
  • Appropriate Collateral
  • Lending to Self-Employed Borrowers
  • Underwriting Large Boat & RV Loans
  • Debt Consolidation Loans
  • Appropriate Loan Amount Guidelines for secured and unsecured lending
  • Appropriate Payment and Term Guidelines
  • Real Risk Factors vs. Not So Real Risk Factors
  • Responsibly Underwriting Higher-Risk Loans
  • Using Loan Samples to Tie in Training Points

2020 Locations and Dates:

  • 9/22- 9/24 Lone Tree, Colorado
  • 9/29-10/1 Atlanta, Georgia

Cost: $995

  • Includes Digital Course Materials
  • Lunch Provided Daily
  • Course Certification

Space is limited! You don’t want to miss this training.

“Great Class; I learned a lot that will assist me with my current role. Don was extremely knowledgable and I felt that the information that he provided was most definetly from his vast experiences, it’s nice to be able to gain informaiton from someone that has been there 🙂 “

“Very informative and has amazing attitude towards audience. Can tell he really cares for credit unions.”

Attendee, Advanced Consumer Lending School