Phase 2 & 3 Instructions 

Thank you for purchasing phases 2 & 3 of the Post Pandemic Growth Program.

Phase 2

You will receive a link to the Webinar content as well as a password to access the content to the email address that purchased the program.  Here is the link to the content

The password was emailed to the email on file. 

The content will remain available until 12/15/2020

Please forward the web link as well as the password to access the content to up to 10 people in your organization. 

*Be sure to check your Junk E-Mail or Clutter for instructions.  The email will be sent from <>


Phase 3

The email also contains a link to a page to schedule your 2 hour consultation. 

Please follow the instructions in your email.  You can also schedule the meeting by clicking here


If you need technical support, please email 

Can I share my login with other members of my team?

By purchasing phase 2 & 3 of the program your credit union has access for 10 stakeholders.

We provide 10 logins for your credit union to view the content.  This should be sufficient to supply the stakeholders at your credit union.  If you need more logins.  Please email



What if I can't login?

Please double check the password that was sent to your email address. 

Can I get a copy of the slides used in the presentation?

Please reach out to the presenter directly if you would like a copy of the presentation in slide format.  Each consultant has their own policy on the materials.